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Yazz – delivery app

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Yazz is like Uber but instead of transporting people, its purpose lies in transporting packages by connecting users with delivery men.

The screens show: the first step of the delivery process by taking a photo of the thing you want transported, a screen that summarizes the scope of your delivery before you confirm it, the updating live screen that keeps you informed about the current location of your delivery man, a screen for the driver to see potential clients and tasks in his area and accept them, and one step of the signing up process for the driver where he can enter information about himself and the car he drives.

This app design was created as part of a design contest on the platform 99designs. Since the rights to this UI/UX design were not sold during the participation of the contest, this app design is for sale.

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Created as part of:
Design Contest
Completion Date:
March 13, 2019
Fonts used:
RT Raleway
Adobe XD
for sale
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