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Corporate Design
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The objective of the class 'corporate design' was to find a name and develop a 'small corporate design' for a fictional organization whose aim it is to draw attention to a theme of the student's choice in an area of political, social, environmental, or cultural interest. The theme and the organization can be of local, regional, national, or international relevance. The logo is supposed to be based on a 'visual pun' consisting of an image and a logotype for the name of the organization. Furthermore, the student was tasked to create a small corporate design, including a letterhead, envelope, compliment slip, business card.

The organization that I came up with is called 'Verified' and its aim is to overview information spread on the web and check for its correctness. This task is becoming incredibly important nowadays where fake news is spread all over the internet.

My 'visual pun' works as the logo consists of a checkmark, signifying that information is indeed correct, and a speech bubble, suggesting that comments or postings of famous people, especially politicians, are being checked.

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Completion Date:
June 20, 2020
Fonts used:
Din Pro
Adobe Illustrator, Indesign
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