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The app NuMoola is intended for being used by parents and their respective children. Parents have the option to create tasks and assign selected children to be able to perform these chores. If a task is fulfilled, the child will earn a reward in the form of virtual money or points. The child can create goals on which he intends to spend his money, so the child collects the money/points by fulfilling the tasks given by the parents, until the sum for the goal has been reached.

The app design features two main areas of use: the child screens and the parent screens. They connect through a coherent design language but differ in colors and playful elements on the screen. The general theme for the child section was predetermined as 'space'.

This app design was created as part of a design contest on the platform 99designs. Since the rights to this UI/UX design were not sold during the participation of the contest, this app design is for sale.

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Created as part of:
Design Contest
Completion Date:
February 10, 2020
Fonts used:
Eina 03
for sale
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